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Getting The Most Out Of Groups


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Community is a big deal here at Knollwood! How can you make sure that you will get the most out of your groups experience? In this message, Pastor Chris looks at a decision that the earliest Christians made regarding community that can help us have a great groups experience today.

Rehoboam Was In The Wrong Group


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: If you were offered a "do-over" for any part of your life, where would you take it? All of us have moments in life where we would love to go back and try again. Key moments where the affects of the decisions we've made have rippled into our future. Since we can't go back in time, is there anything we can do now to help avoid the desire for a do-over later? The answer is YES! In the life of Rehoboam, we discover the way to avoid the desire for a do-over later. Keep listening!

Gospel of Luke: On The Road To Emmaus


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Can you think of a time of great disappointment in your life? A time when you were so discouraged because things didn’t go as you had hoped and expected? It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it? After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to two of his disciples who were disappointed, discouraged, brokenhearted. They were on their way home when Jesus joined them. He explained from the Scriptures the necessity of the Messiah’s death, how the Scriptures were fulfilled in his resurrection, and the reality of his identity. Their eyes were opened. Our eyes need to be opened by God through his Word and his indwelling Spirit such that we might really see Jesus, just like those two disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Life In The Upside Kingdom


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Everyone wants to have a meaningful life, sadly there are many who never experience it. In this message, we'll explore an idea of Jesus, that while counterintuitive, actually has the potential to lead us to deeper fulfillment and richer relationships.

Gospel of Luke: Rendezvous With Destiny


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Jesus' last week of his earthly ministry clearly presents him as the promised Messiah. Entering Jerusalem for the Passover was an incredible act of courage for one with a price on his head. The authorities were out to arrest Jesus, but he was on a rendezvous with destiny. This was the purpose for which he had come. We see in this dramatic event the differing responses to Jesus - the crowds, Jesus' disciples, and the religious leaders. Everyone staked out a position of accepting or rejecting Jesus. And so it is today. Everyone must choose what to do with Jesus.

Gospel of Luke: Jesus on Discipleship


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Are you a follower of Christ or a disciple of Christ? Chapter nine marks a major turning point in Luke’s Gospel. This is the beginning of the journey that culminates in the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Jesus is on the path to what awaits him there. And he begins to talk seriously about the meaning of discipleship. His message is one needed by all of those who believe in Christ, who would be more than just a follower of Jesus.

Gospel of Luke: The Good Samaritan


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Jesus often spoke in parables during his earthly ministry. Why did he do that? And how should one interpret a parable? Here are five principles you should apply when studying a parable. Using these principles, take a look at one of the more familiar parables: the Good Samaritan.

Gospel of Luke: Training of the Twelve


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: One of the fascinating things to observe in the Gospels is the teaching methods that Jesus uses. It’s particularly interesting in relation to the disciples. We see Jesus using the lecture, the lab, and the dreaded pop quiz. All three happen around the miracle of the feeding of the 5000, the only miracle apart from the resurrection that is recorded in all four Gospels.

Gospel of Luke: What Is Faith?


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: When you hear the statement: “Have faith,” does your mind grasp what that really means? Or have you heard it so many times, you just nod, and go with the flow, knowing that you’re supposed to understand “faith?” In Luke’s gospel, chapter seven, we have one of the “miracle stories” where faith is on display. We can learn the central meaning, the central focus, of faith from the example of a military man who desperately needed Jesus’ help. Jesus responds to this man’s faith with a remarkable miracle.

Gospel of Luke: A Ministry Manifesto


Speaker: Mark Petersburg

Summary: Jesus goes to the synagogue in his hometown of Nazareth and declares his ministry manifesto, stating the reason he came to earth. We need to understand ministry in our day through these same four defining characteristics: incarnational, proclamational, transformational, and confrontational.