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Baptism is symbolic of being united with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection.  The New Testament shows that people who had given a clear, believable profession of faith were baptized.  It is our belief that baptism does not cause regeneration or new spiritual life.  It is not a means of bestowing grace on people and necessary for salvation.

Rather, there are two main reasons for baptism:

  1. The blessing of obedience.  Baptism is pleasing to God by demonstrating obedience to Christ’s command to be baptized.

  2. The public testimony of a personal reality.  Baptism is an outward, public symbol of an inward, personal experience of God’s saving grace.

When one is baptized, he or she is identified with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  It is a symbol of our Spirit-baptism which occurs at the moment of our salvation (I Corinthians 12:13).  In that baptism, we are placed into the body of Christ, identified with all believers who have been united with Christ.

Baptism at Knollwood is done by immersion, as was done in the New Testament.  The person being baptized is immersed or put under the water and brought back up again. 

If you have made a profession of faith in Christ as your Lord and Savior and desire to be baptized, contact one of the Knollwood pastors (see Contact Us for contact information).