Sermons by Chris Mendez

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Seeing Jesus


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Rediscovering Jesus

Passage: Mark 6:31–6:52

Summary: How you see God impacts how you see everything else. It’s so important that our view of God lines up with what is true about him. In this message, we’ll explore how looking at Jesus is the best way to see God clearly.

The Role Of Prayer In Neighboring


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Category: Neighboring

Summary: As a church, we are committed to loving our neighbors. One practical way we can demonstrate love is through prayer. This message will explore how praying for your neighbors can make a difference and what those prayers should look like.

Better Together


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Community Groups at KCC

Category: Community Groups at KCC

Summary: Community is so important in the life of a Jesus follower. In this message Pastor Chris challenges us to take the first step and join a group.

Jacob: A Messy Life - Act Three


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Jacob: A Messy Life

Summary: This message concludes our series on the messy life of Jacob. Looking at the latter end of Jacob’s life we’ll see the danger of not confronting our own dysfunction and we’ll see how God is faithful to work in our mess to bring about his good purposes.

20 Seconds


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Jesus said to “love your neighbor”, in this message we’ll explore why this idea is so important for those who follow Jesus.

Approaching God


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: When it comes to interpersonal relationships of any kind how you approach things is pretty important. But it’s bigger than that, how a person approaches a relationship actually communicates quite a bit about how they view that relationship The same is true when it comes to our relationship with God. How we approach God communicates quite a bit about how we view that most important relationship. In this message, will look at three instances where Jesus teaches us some important truths about how we should approach our loving Heavenly Father.

Obstacles to Neighboring: Fear


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Fear. It’s something we all face on one level or another. Sometimes fear can be good, as it can keep us from dangerous situations. However, if we let fear control the way that we live we will miss out on God’s best for our lives. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors, and sometimes that can be intimidating. In this message, Pastor Chris will deal with the topic of fear in the context of loving our neighbors. It turns out there is a very good reason why we don’t have to live in fear, but instead can boldly follow Jesus into the life he’s invited us into.

Getting The Most Out Of Groups


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Community is a big deal here at Knollwood! How can you make sure that you will get the most out of your groups experience? In this message, Pastor Chris looks at a decision that the earliest Christians made regarding community that can help us have a great groups experience today.

Rehoboam Was In The Wrong Group


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: If you were offered a "do-over" for any part of your life, where would you take it? All of us have moments in life where we would love to go back and try again. Key moments where the affects of the decisions we've made have rippled into our future. Since we can't go back in time, is there anything we can do now to help avoid the desire for a do-over later? The answer is YES! In the life of Rehoboam, we discover the way to avoid the desire for a do-over later. Keep listening!

Life In The Upside Kingdom


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Everyone wants to have a meaningful life, sadly there are many who never experience it. In this message, we'll explore an idea of Jesus, that while counterintuitive, actually has the potential to lead us to deeper fulfillment and richer relationships.

Introduction to the Gospel of Luke


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Nobody dreams of mediocre. Not in our relationships, not in our career, not in any sphere of life. Yet, when it comes to our relationship with God, many of us find that we settle for just that. Is there something that makes the difference between a mediocre and a marvelous relationship with God? Turns out the answer is yes! In this message Pastor Chris will unpack that ‘something’ as we introduce our summer study of the Gospel of Luke.

Church As A Building


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: In this series “The Church As A Metaphor” we’ve been looking at different ways that the New Testament describes what the church is and what it’s meant to be doing. In this message, we will look at the metaphor “The Church As Building” and explore how to find our place within it.

The Antidote for Drifting


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Drifting. It's something we all experience. Any area of life that we put in neutral, we experience drift, and usually in a bad direction. This message will explore how genuine Christian community can serve as an antidote to drifting.

Why Worry?


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Family, money, politics, career, it seems like there's always something to worry about. It's difficult to live life well when we're consumed by worry. In this message, Pastor Chris will look at Jesus' reasons for saying not to worry and offer an alternative to letting worry consume us.

Extravagant Love


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: This message will tackle the subject of love. Many of us struggle with knowing we're loved. That uncertainty impacts not only our lives but the lives of those closest to us. The intent of this message is to show from the Scripture why you should know (really know) that you are loved by God.

The Promise of Christmas: David


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: We’re in week three of our series, The Promise of Christmas. In this message Pastor Chris will explore a promise God made to King David that has implications for Christmas and for our lives today.

Preventative Circles


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: At Knollwood we’re passionate about getting people connected to community. That said, we’re all busy and meeting new people can be uncomfortable. Is there any good reason to pursue community anyway? The answer is YES! In this message, you’ll discover an important reason to say yes to community. To explore community groups at knollwood go to:

Walking in Truth


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Is it possible to protect the people you love from falling away from their faith? This is a question many people wrestle with. What if you could ask that question to an expert, would you listen to their advice? Would you take their advice? If you’ve ever worried about the faith of your loved ones (or your own faith) this is a message of hope for you.

Charge to My Account


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: For many, broken relationships are a major source of pain and regret. This message will explore Paul's letter to Philemon and uncover a truth that has the power to free us from the damaging effects of broken relationships and allow us to move forward in life.

Destined for Greatness


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: When you were a kid, what did you dream about being when you grew up? Often we envision a future for ourselves where our lives make a difference. Sadly, the reality many experience is vastly different than the life we had hoped for. What do you do when you’re dissatisfied with the meaningfulness of your life? This is the question Pastor Chris will address in this message. The answer has the potential to change your life.

Set Your Foundation: Fight Your Spiritual Battles


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Set Your Foundation

Summary: How do you fight your spiritual battles? When the topic of spiritual warfare comes up it is often surrounded by misunderstanding. In this message, Pastor Chris will tackle this important issue seeking to answer two questions: 1. What is spiritual warfare? 2. What does it look like for me to engage in it? This is a message you don't want to miss.

New Year's Resolutions


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: The new year is a time to reflect on the past and dream about the future. This is typically done in the form of resolutions. When making resolutions we ask ourselves the question "How do I make my life better?" It could be that we are asking ourselves the wrong question. In this message Pastor Chris explores a potentially better question that could lead to the most meaningful year you've ever had.

Surprised by Joy


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Has life ever thrown you a curveball? They can be painful. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but it can be a tough time for many because of the pain of life’s curveballs. In the message Pastor Chris looks at the story of the Shepherds to help us understand what to do when life throws us a curveball and how God wants to surprise us with joy.

Does Evil Disprove a Good God?


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Critical Issues: Does It Matter What You Believe?

Summary: What makes it hard for you to believe in or trust God? For many, evil and suffering in this world is a roadblock to faith in Christ. In this message, Pastor Chris explores the question “Does Evil Disprove a Good God?”. The answer is a resounding No! In this message find answers to your questions and hope for your future.

Is The Resurrection Just A Nice Easter Story?


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Critical Issues: Does It Matter What You Believe?

Summary: Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen or is it just a fairytale for Christians? In this message, Pastor Chris explores two reasons why Christians (or any honest seeker) can feel confident and justified in their belief that the resurrection of Jesus was a literal, physical event in history.

Is It Reasonable To Believe God Exists?


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Critical Issues: Does It Matter What You Believe?

Summary: Is it reasonable to believe that God exists or are people of faith just fooling themselves? In this message Pastor Chris will present two classic arguments for the existence of God. The message will seek to demonstrate that belief in God makes sense in light of the beginning of the universe and the existence of objective moral values.

Acts 1:1-11


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: A.D.: The Story Continues

Passage: Acts 1:1–1:11

Summary: What would you do if you had access to limitless power for good? Jesus told his followers that they’d receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them. What kind of power and for what purpose? This Sunday we begin a series in the first ten chapters of the book of Acts. In this message, Pastor Chris will explore these questions, and encourage us to connect with Jesus, the source of incredible power to live a changed life.

The Master's Plan (Part 3 of 3)


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Community Groups at KCC

Category: Community Groups at KCC

Summary: How do you handle life when it is difficult? More importantly, how do you faithfully follow God in the midst of suffering? In this message, Pastor Chris gives a second reason why a person should join a Community Group (a new ministry focus at Knollwood). This message will bring these two ideas together showing that when life is hard, community is exactly what we need.

The Master's Plan (Part 2 of 3)


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Community Groups at KCC

Category: Community Groups at KCC

Summary: Why should you join a Community Group? Many people already often they don't have enough time in the day to get everything done and getting to know others in a small group can feel intimidating. So, why should anyone choose to push through these obstacles and join a group anyway? In this message, Pastor Chris addresses this issue head-on by presenting one simple reason why everyone should choose to join a Community Group, beginning with this question: What do you do when God’s Word is difficult?

Quick To Hear


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Category: Relationships

Summary: How do you know if you are really loved? One way to know if someone really cares about you is if they pay attention to you. Love pays attention: that's the premise of this fourth message in our series on relationships. In this message Pastor Chris makes the case that in relationships, the ability to listen well can make a huge difference.

How To Listen to A Sermon


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Summary: Coming to worship each week is an investment. We invest time and energy to learn from God's word week after week. How can we make sure we're getting the most out of the sermons we listen to? In this message, Pastor Chris gives simple ideas for listening to messages in a way that can produce life change.

iFocus on Community


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: iFocus

Category: Vision, Mission & Core Values

Summary: We all have areas in our lives that need work. Some areas we know about and others we don't. How do we make progress when our issues are too big for one person to handle alone or we don't even know about them? We need community. In this message Pastor Chris explores the important role community has in the lives of believers to help them become more than they could be on their own.

iFocus on Mission


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: iFocus

Category: Vision, Mission & Core Values

Summary: What do you do when you look at your life and you don't like what you see? This is the second week in our series titled iFocus: Defining Value and Vision. In this message, Pastor Chris will explore how we plan to accomplish our vision of seeing lives changed by Jesus Christ by helping people grow into disciples of Jesus.

I'm Better Than You...and I Can Prove It


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: 1 Corinthians

Category: New Testament Letters

Summary: Status can be a big deal for a lot of people. Many work hard to control how they're perceived by others which can sometimes lead to problems. The church in Corinth was not immune to this. The search of some for status was ruining their practice of the Lord's Supper and causing problems in the church. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul deals with this destructive issue head-on. This message will look at Paul's instructions to the Corinthians and discuss what Christians today can learn about remembering what Jesus has done and being a family.

Life In A Whole New Light: Can I Change?


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Life In A Whole New Light

Summary: Is it really possible in this life to be transformed… to be different? Is it really possible to see lasting progress in getting over my hang ups and bad attitudes? Is it really possible to experience a deep, lasting intimacy with Christ? Can I really be used by God to make a difference in the world the way I see Him using the Biblical characters? Well, the answer to all of these questions is YES, it is possible! This message deals with God's method of making this happen...spiritual growth, maturity in Christ.

Life in a Whole New Light: Can I Be Sure? (Assurance of Salvation)


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Life In A Whole New Light

Summary: Is it possible to lose your salvation? Can you really be sure? These questions lay at the foundation of our Christian experience and address the issues of eternal security and assurance. There are many Christians today who struggle with these concepts in their faith walk. We believe the emphatic response from Scripture to this question is that for the person who has trusted in Christ, their salvation is guaranteed. This is the doctrine of eternal security. The intent of this message is to show you from the Scriptures how God answers these questions, and then to challenge you to accept the encouraging words of hope God has to say.

Fully Present - Part 2


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Life In The Rearview Mirror: Antidotes to Regret

Category: Christian Living

Summary: Relationships are an important part of life. No one wants to look back on their life with regret about not being fully present for the people they love. In this message Pastor Chris shows how to guard against that kind of regret by being available to family and friends. If relationships matter to you then, this is a message you don't want to miss!


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Exodus

Category: Old Testament

Summary: There were many laws given to Israel in the book of Exodus. How should believers today respond to these Old Testament laws? Are we required to obey each of them in the same manner as Israel? Are they completely irrelevant to the life of believers today? Or, is there a third option? In this message, Pastor Chris will examine these Old Testament laws given to the people of Israel and discuss what meaning they may have for believers today.

When God Lets Us Down - The Story of Jairus


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Studies in Luke

Category: The Gospels

Summary: Life can be difficult. When we're in the middle of a particularly hard situation, it can feel like God has let us down. This message will look at two miracles in the life of Jesus that show us a glimpse of His divine power and some helpful insight for when things don't go the way we plan. In these miracles, we can find hope in our hardship and perspective in our pain.

This Makes All the Difference


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Series: Romans Series

Category: New Testament Letters

Passage: Romans 15:1–15:33

Summary: Sometimes in life one little thing can make all the difference. The apostle Paul was a man that God used to change the world. In Romans chapter 15, we get a glimpse at Paul's heart for people, Paul's vision for ministry and Paul's plans for ministry. Come learn how those attitudes applied to our lives can make all the difference in us experiencing purpose, meaning and significance.

Revolutionary Living


Speaker: Chris Mendez

Category: Christian Living

Passage: Ezra 7:9–7:10

Summary: What do you want your life to be about? Ezra was a man who God used to change a nation. God wants to use you to make a difference in the lives of people around you. From the life of Ezra we see three things that he did that caused God’s favor to rest upon him and that allowed him to make a difference. We learn from Ezra how we, too, can have lives of meaning and significance.