Out of the Building

The church of Christ was never meant to stay in a building. Instead, we are called to leave our safe spaces for the sake of the Gospel. The Church needs to leave the building to do the will of its Lord.

The church is never more powerful than when it is scattered!! That’s why Jesus fills us with His Holy Spirit so WE can spread the good news! How limited Jesus would be if He had remained in the physical form. Instead He fills each of us with His Spirit to spread His good news - the Gospel story! What an awesome plan! 

And Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to everyone". - Mark 16:15. 

Remember - WE are the dwelling place of the Lord - not a building. 

How is God using you OUT of the building today?

Please let us know – We’d love to hear!

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The Church Has Left The Building Shirt