New Beginnings: Foundational Statements

The following statements of Hope, Healing and Faith are foundational to this program:

a. In Christ, we have hope to overcome any power that wages war against our soul.

b. Christ is the only higher power who can bring restoration to a person in the bondage of addiction, co-dependency and compulsive behavior.

c. Through the disciplines of community, confession, submission, worship, prayer, study and service, believers will grow in spiritual strength and maturity.

d. Recovery is a process with many small steps. Healing does not come by standing without ever falling. Rather, healing comes as we get back up every time we fall, and continue to take each step before us.

e. There are many programs designed for recovery. As long as Christ is at the center of the program, working a program is more important that finding the perfect program.

f. Christ based 12 step programs are consistent with Biblical principles of discipleship.

g. Every believer is in recovery from the power and effects of sin.

h. The sin of addiction or compulsion is no worse than any other sin. The difference is the degree to which the person suffers practical consequence. The result can be a greater level of pain and damage to the health of a person’s spirit, body, family, relationships and overall livelihood.

i. Knollwood Community Church can be God’s hands and feet to bring healing and restoration to people in our church body and the surrounding community.

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