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Care2Share Seminar Audio

Knollwood is a community church for a reason - we want to reach our surrounding community families with the Good News of Jesus. However, sometimes we just make it way too difficult because we don’t want to offend, lose a friend or upset a family member, or just don’t have the tools to make it clear and simple.

Pastor Alan and guest speakers Randy Newman and Geoff Martineau shared valuable information on the importance of everyone "going and making disciples" – Jesus last words to us on this earth!

The following audio seminar entitled “Care2Share” will provide very practical and helpful ways, tips and treasures for your witnessing toolbox!

Click the link below to hear session speakers.

  • Session One: Pastor Alan Fischer shares easy-to-use tools to share your faith in memorable ways.  Click here for audio recording.

  • Session Two: Randy Newman shares how to use questions to get started in your sharing as well as tips in sharing with family members.  Click here for audio recording.

  • Session Three: Geoff Martineau shares how to be ready to answer objections; e.g., "how can a loving God allow pain and suffering."  Click here for audio recording.